A Plan for Placer County’s Future

For almost two years, PCTPA has held community meetings and met with local elected leaders in an effort to learn firsthand what transportation priorities are most important to our communities and residents.

As a result of extensive community outreach, PCTPA developed this draft plan for the community to review and provide feedback.

A Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Total Highway Investment:

Major Highway Projects


Along the county’s biggest chokepoints, serious accidents have increased and traffic is slowing. Today it takes 9 minutes to drive from I-80 at Riverside to Highway 65 at Blue Oaks — in just eight years it will take 35 minutes for the same trip.

These projects would reduce traffic congestion and keep Placer moving.

  1. I-80/Highway 65 Interchange reconfigure Phases 1-3
  2. Highway 65 Widening — Galleria Blvd. to Lincoln Blvd.
  3. Highway 49 Widening to six lanes with Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Signal Synchronization, Turn Pockets, and Landscaping
  4. Placer Parkway — linking Highway 65 to Highway 99 and the Sacramento Airport
  5. Baseline Road Widening
  6. I-80/SR 174 Interchange improvement
  7. I-80/Rocklin Road Interchange improvement
  8. I-80/Horseshoe Bar Road Interchange improvement
  9. Highway 65/Nelson Lane Interchange improvement

Total Local Streets & Roads Investment:

Local Streets & Roads


Every jurisdiction in Placer County, despite spending every penny of gas tax money they get on roads, does not get enough funding to keep up with the maintenance of the local roads.

This plan would fill the funding gap for street and road maintenance.

    • Fix potholes and resurface streets in cities, towns and unincorporated areas of Placer County


    • Improve local congestion hot spots


    • Local congestion hot spots improvements


    • Provide matching funds for local transportation priorities


  • Provide critical funding to repair county bridges that are becoming unsafe

Total Transit & Rail Investment:

Transit & Rail Improvements


As Placer County’s population ages, the need 
for transit solutions for seniors and people with disabilities grows. And for workers who commute to downtown Sacramento, more alternatives to being stuck on I-80 traffic are needed.

The Keep Placer Moving plan would ensure that seniors and people with disabilities can still maintain independence and mobility. The plan would also provide funding for a dedicated passenger rail line between Sacramento and Roseville within existing rail right-of-way, to vastly expand Capitol Corridor commuter rail service.





    • Commuter Bus


Total Pedestrian & Bicycle Investment:

Pedestrian & Bicycle Projects


Our pedestrian and bicycle friendly communities add to the quality of life in Placer County.

This plan would provide new bicycle and pedestrian facilities around the county improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, especially around schools.

    • Improve sidewalks and bike routes, especially around schools


    • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Facilities


    • Expand trail systems in the Tahoe Basin and the Sierra Foothills


    • Build and expand the Dry Creek Greenway